Sinfonietta per archi – Salim Dada


For strings orchestra of 25 musicians. Duration: 21 mn.

The music I wrote for the Sinfonietta per archi does not sound picturesque or gallant. On the contrary, it is music of retrospection; an inner dialogue fueled by debates, contradictions, dreams and disillusions, periods of emphasis and lulls. This is the famous inner monolith that each of us leads around the dilemma: what we would like to do? what we should do? and what we could do?

It is in the limbo of the unconscious and in the game and deception of a mind tamed by desires, frustrations and guilt that the notes of the Sinfonietta per archi are wrotten, in five different movements, each one reflecting a facet of the personality of the protagonist of the film Hypnotisia. Since hypnosis is a trance-like mental state in which people find themselves in a state of focused attention, heightened suggestibility and vivid fantasies, my Sinfonietta per archi is thus, the musical spokesperson for feeling and non-said of a hypnotized protagonist.

In the end, by the composition of the Sinfonietta per archi I was able to realize the wish so much desired, that of writing the first Algerian symphony for string orchestra, for which I implemented my know-how as a composer and my love of strings instruments.


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Sinfonietta per archi (Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra SIF309/Deyan Pavlov, Sofia 01.2022). (Extract)


This score adapted also serves as the original music for the film Hypnotisia by Marwane Lakhdar Hamina produced by Sunset Entertainment (2022)

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Informazioni aggiuntive

Peso 143 g
Dimensioni 29,7 × 21 × 0,3 cm



Punto metallico

Impaginato interno







Orchestra d'archi




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